Monday, July 7, 2008

More generational talk

The generational divide in the workplace is a popular topic. In our area, Manpower has developed a compelling presentation about the war between Boomers and Gen Y, which I noted in an earlier post.

Along comes a new book, covering similar ground, methinks. The first chapter from Cam Marston’s new book, Motivating the "What’s in it for Me?” Workforce, has been excerpted in Maine’s purple paper, The Employment Times.

As a Boomer, and a Type-A, I struggle sometimes understanding my own son’s more casual approach to work. While I see value in working above and beyond what’s expected (with hope for some future payoff, which might, or might not materialize), his generation, the Millenials (as well as Gen X’ers) have a much different goals and expectations around work. No matter how much cajoling I do, or sage advice I offer, he's not going to alter his way of doing things.

I plan on picking up a copy of the book, just to see if Marston offers some new insight on how to mesh the generations in the workplace. I’m also curious about ways to better motivate, and also, how to retain younger workers in our state’s workforce, as it continues to age.

I’ve linked a prior interview with Marston about his book here.

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