Friday, August 22, 2008

Is wind in our future?

Village Soup has an interesting profile on Seth Silverton, an energy consultant and entrepreneur, based in Lincolnville.

According to the article, Silverton moved his family from Brooklyn, NY, to Maine, after the 9-11 attacks "...when smoke, soot and debris from the World Trade Center blanketed his neighborhood, depositing burning papers on his lawn. That day, he told his wife, Jessica, that he was moving the family to Maine."

While Silverton is relatively new to the state, his view that "Maine is sitting on the greatest source of offshore wind in the United States," and that "The Gulf of Maine is the Saudi Arabia of wind power," echo similar sentiments of one who has lived in Maine much longer, former governor, Angus King.

Obviously Silverton and King recognize the potential to harness the natural power of the wind for profit, as well as informing policy people and politicans what needs to be done to ensure that our state has the capacity to meet its energy needs in the future.

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