Friday, October 24, 2008

WorkReady gets positive press

The WorkReady program, an innovative soft skills training initiative, orginated in Central/Western Maine, received a nice write up in this morning's Bangor Daily News.

Reporter Sharon Kiley Mack, who covers the Mid-Maine beat for the newspaper, was in attendance yesterday, for the graduation ceremony, in Pittsfield, for 10 former shoe workers from the San Antonio Shoe factory that closed earlier in the year.

The well-written article begins,

Ten women sat on one side of a long table Thursday with their work portfolios and resumes proudly displayed in front of them. Their hair was recently styled, their makeup was in place and they were exuding self-confidence.

Together, the women represented more than 178 years of faithful service as employees of San Antonio Shoe. "I was there when they opened," said Frances Huff, 59, of Burnham. "I was there for 24½ years."

But earlier this year, SAS abruptly closed and moved its Pittsfield operation to its home base in Texas, and women who only had made shoes for most of their lives were suddenly faced with finding new jobs outside a factory setting.

You read the entire article, here.

For more about the Pittsfield WorkReady, check out this blog post, from the program's mock interview day, with local employers.

[Graduation photo]

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