Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Industry Information Tuesdays

The current economic downturn has put a real crimp on employment growth. As many Maine businesses continue the cycle of layoffs that began last fall, it’s not easy staying positive, as well as retaining a strategic workforce focus.

During cycles of peak employment, Maine’s CareerCenters have often played a key role in partnering with businesses, providing support, and other services to the private sector in helping them reach recruitment targets. Given our current downturn, staff and leadership at the Lewiston CareerCenter have recognized that changes were in order. The typical job fairs and recruiting events that have worked in the past are no longer effective.

In light of that, the first of several upcoming Industry Information Tuesdays kicked off today in Lewiston. Today’s informational Tuesday featured precision manufacturing. The focus of these Tuesday sessions is on sectors that will provide key job growth when the economy turns the corner, and begins trending upward.

Manufacturing in Maine, particularly precision manufacturing, is a growth sector, and one that provides above average wages to candidates that have received targeted skills training, through certificate programs, and two-year Associate Degree programs at Maine’s Community Colleges.

This first session in Lewiston attracted 150 participants, including several applicants who took the opportunity to enroll in an upcoming precision manufacturing training program being offered at Central Maine Community College.

FMI about upcoming sector-specific days in Lewiston, as well as a variety of other helpful workshops, you can contact the Lewiston CareerCenter, at 753-9001, or visit their website.

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