Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Maine mustard goes to Washington

President Obama likes hamburgers. He also prefers mustard on them.

A Maine mustard maker, recognizing an opportunity to get their product some run outside the state, leveraged their political ties and made a delivery of their Maine-made product to the White House.

Maine Senator Olympia Snowe served as the middleman, shipping over a gift pack of Raye’s Mustard in the wake of the news reports on a burger run by President Obama and the chief executive’s expressed preference for mustard.

Raye's Mustard is made in North America's last authentic stone-ground mustard mill. The mill is owned and operated by Maine Senate Minority Leader Kevin Raye, and his wife, Karen. Raye formerly served as Snowe's chief of staff.

Kevin and Karen Raye are the fouth generation to own and operate the Eastport-based mill, established in 1900 to supply Maine’s once-thriving sardine industry.

How do you prefer your hamburger? I'm a mustard, relish and ketchup burger connoisseur (with a pickle), myself.

[news source-Bangor Daily News]

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