Monday, September 14, 2009

The road to success

I happened across this blog post titled, "Unique Service + Hard Work = Opportunity." To me it captures the kind of can-do attitude that Americans used to have in abundance, but unfortunately, it's being bred out of us for a variety of reasons.

Blogger Jeremy Hanks wrote, "A couple days ago, I got a knock on my door, and a guy that was wearing blue rubber gloves was there when I opened it. He said something like: “I lost my job a while back, and got sick of not working, so I’m out providing a service today. I’ll clean out your garbage cans for $10 each, or two for $15. I use a pressure washer and industrial strength bleach and I literally climb inside them and scrub them by hand.”

I hired him on the spot, for two reasons: 1. my garbage cans were nasty; 2. I’d have hired him anyway, because here’s a guy down on his luck making his own. "

What do you think? Would you have hired this guy to clean your garbage cans, and if so, why?

What is it that you have been putting off? How about getting started right now making plans to complete whatever it is that you've been stuck on?

Don't think it's possible? On June 23, I weighed 259 pounds when I got on the scale that morning. This morning, my weight was 223.5, down 35.5 pounds in 12 weeks. I was sick of being fat, so I did something about it.

Here's a few things that I've done, taking positive action (losing weight and getting fit) in my own life.
  • Biked 900 miles
  • Figured out my baseline calories to maintain weight
  • Figured out how much weight I wanted to lose and the calorie limits to doing so
  • Started lifting weights
  • Signed up for The Dempsey Challenge

I've also written two books and am at work on a third one. Writing and publishing is another area that I stopped talking about and started doing.

What needs doing in your own life?

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g2bn2n said...

Okay so after checking out the post, I must ask if the entrepreneur was still collecting unemployment benefits while selling this service. How about paying taxes on the income he or his business was earning. Not against someone trying to get ahead and agree this was a creative idea but was all this legit or simply an under the table way to earn a little extra income.