Thursday, February 11, 2010

The finances of unemployment

A consultant at one of our regional CareerCenters shared this great article with me, about unemployment, and whether taking a job, or continuing to sit idle is in your best interest, if unemployed.

This article, posted by Krystal Hicks on the Portland Examiner Job Search site gives great advice to anyone unemployed, but being offered a job, and whether, or not it makes financial sense about accepting a position.

What I like about the article by Hicks is that it ties in very well with the sentiment I'm hearing from employers. Many of the companies I talk to on a daily basis are indicating to me that long-term joblessness is not a positive quality in job applicants.

I'm not unsympathetic to the realities of the current economic/employment situation, and the continued lack of abundance of jobs. However, there are things that the unemployed can do to make themselves more employable. One of them is to seek out training programs, like WorkReady, connecting with their local Adult Education provider to upgrade their skills, or even volunteering--anything to demonstrate to an employer that you haven't lost your edge, and employability.

Speaking of WorkReady, there is an article in this morning's Morning Sentinel, about tomorrow's WorkReady graduation from our Fairfield/Waterville program.

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