Friday, January 18, 2008

WorkReady set for January 28

Why WorkReady™ Makes Sense

The WorkReady™ credential makes sense for both employers and employees wanting to acquire the necessary skills that will help them get and keep a well-paying job.

As our state's population continues to grow older, the once robust pool of able-bodied workers grows smaller and continues to shrink. As a result, employers and HR professionals are finding it harder to fill existing positions, making it difficult to maintain necessary employment levels, or address needs caused by expansion.

Today’s forward-thinking employers recognize the urgency of upgrading the skills of the existing workforce, particularly if they hope to remain competitive in the global economy.

For those seeking a better job, or who for a variety of reasons, have been out of a job for awhile, WorkReady™ is a great way to jumpstart your job search, or even, begin pursuing that career you've always wanted.

WorkReady™ is designed to provide the “foundational” skills needed in today’s rapidly changing and complex workaday world.

Interested participants are urged to contact the Lewiston CareerCenter at 753-9001, for more information.

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