Friday, April 24, 2009

Innovative Maine Company Helping the Environment

Jaime McLeod who contributes pieces to the Sustainable Maine section of recently wrote about PRC Technologies, a Standish-based company. I found the article very intriguing and the product being produced worth promoting on our blog. PRC Technologies recycles and refills used toner cartridges and they have worked with inventors who have developed a soybean oil based toner. The SoyPrint is now in production and PRC is selling the prodcut to rave reviews of customers. Conventional toner is made from petroleum. Check out Jaime's article above and the other links provided for more information. You can sign up for the Daily Digest of and if you are not, I would suggest that you do. Signing up for Daily Digest provides all of Maine's business news every morning in your e-mail.

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Carl Natale said...

Thank you for the very generous recommendation. Glad you find The Daily Digest and useful.