Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Focused on skilled trades

Early in March, CareerCenter staff, along with members of the local workforce investment board recognized that the usual recruitment events that have been held in the past, were not going to work given the slumping economy. With businesses cutting back on hiring, and even laying off, it became evident that business as usual would no longer work.

Keeping the focus on growth sectors, and occupations that will be in demand once the economic slump ends, the Lewiston CareerCenter highlighted skilled trades as part of its Industry Information Tuesday series. This was the fourth Tuesday event. Previous sectors focused on have been precision manufacturing, healthcare, and construction trades.

[NE School of Metalwork's Mobile Weld Training Center]

The New England School of Metalwork provided a hands-on experience for visitors by setting up its Mobile Weld Training Center in the CareerCenter parking lot. The self sufficient training unit allows anyone interested in welding the opportunity to suit up and experience welding firsthand. Deputy Commissioner of Labor, Jane Gilbert, visited during the morning, and tried her hand at running a welding bead.

[Deputy Commissioner of Labor, Jane Gilbert, suits up and readies to weld]

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