Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Will work for coffee

Apparently, despite our sour economy, coffee didn't make the list of things that had to go. At least not according to this morning's Portland Press Herald.

With so much gloom and doom broadcast nightly, about the recession, and job losses, it would seem intuitive that places like Starbucks, and the high-end coffee shops highlighted in Beth Quimby's story, would be affected by our economic doldrums. Or, maybe not.

I know that I've cut back on daily trips to my local java joint. I tend to either substitute a can of caffeinated diet soda (that I now purchase in bulk, at the supermarket) for my afternoon boost, or bring a thermos of my homebrewed, value-brand New England Coffee. This is a downgrade from some of the gourmet, organic brands I once purchased for home.

Not only are coffee shops doing a brisk business, it seems as though many restaurants in our area (Lewiston-Auburn), at least the higher end types, are not hurting for customers. At least that's the word on the street.

What does this indicate? Maybe coffee has become like beer and other spirits (Allen's Coffee Brandy, the "champagne of Maine"), an indespensible staple of daily life. On the restaurant front, the economic slump doesn't appear to have touched Maine's wealthier residents, or at least those who can afford to eat out four, or five nights per week, and pound coffee.

I'm curious about the austerity plans that readers of Working in Maine may have adopted, if any. Anything that you are going without during this economic malaise?

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RMSmithJr said...

I always carry my travel mug of coffee from home with me every morning. Cold and empty by noon.

Several times a week, I will stop by a Starbucks for an afternoon jolt for the trip home. Guess what - they are hiring.