Friday, August 28, 2009

Leadership for ME

Earlier this month, I posted about gubernatorial candidate, Matt Jacobsen. There are several others running for Maine's highest office. While it's still early, I thought I'd put up another post about a Democrat this time, candidate Bruce Poliquin. [Poliquin is actually a Republican, as a commenter has pointed out. Ooops!! I need to keep my parties straight--JB]

Poliquin has several things working in his favor, from my way of thinking. He's bright, has a blog with some worthwhile content, and he was once voted Maine High School Baseball Coach of the Year. As a lifelong baseball freak that carries some weight in my book.

Speaking of blogs, Poliquin has an excellent post on energy policy in Maine, a key determinant of Maine's future vitality and whether businesses in Maine can remain competitive in a global marketplace. Poliquin alludes to something that I've been very aware of, the current administration's fixation on studying a problem, creating reports and studies, and then refusing, or being unable to take steps leading to a clear action plan.

Poliquin had the following to say, from August 25, on the matter:

Governing effectively means making the tough choices that benefit the 1.3 million citizens of Maine. We have a huge opening before us on energy and we need to get moving.

Enough with the planning and studying. We need action and results. An experienced businessman knows that you can plan yourself into bankruptcy if you never act. Likewise, a schooled economist can point out that building out Maine’s power grid and capacity creates a cycle that 1) creates jobs immediately to construct the infrastructure, 2) lowers energy costs, 3) attracts new businesses and jobs because energy costs are lower, 4) lowers the tax burden on individuals by broadening the tax base because there are more businesses in the state.

Infrastructure is only one piece of the puzzle to create jobs in the state.

Poliquin's most recent blog post, from today, takes aim at Governor Baldacci for authorizing the costly use of a helicopter to survey Acadian National Park, where tragedy occurred over the weekend. Maine's second largest newspaper, the Lewiston Sun-Journal took issue with the expense by editorializing that the bill for Baladacci's foray over the seas will be footed by the taxpayers of Maine. And while this trip won't cost a fortune, it has been a difficult year for the state's budget.

Indeed, the state's budget has been out of whack for some time. It's interesting that a governor who finds the solution for the state's budget woes in state furlough days, hiring freezes, and other schemes that negatively impact the citizens of Maine, thinks it's ok to run up needless costs utilizing a helicopter for a tour that has little direct connection to governing the state.

While it's early in the race, I'm intrigued by candidates like Poliquin, who has something to say, and seems to have a clear idea of what's necessary for Maine to move ahead. A change in leadership can't come soon enough for many Mainers.


derek said...

Poliquin is a Republican. Good post otherwise

bizdirector said...


Thanks for pointing that out. I made an editorial note at the beginning of the post correcting it.

An interesting field for Maine's highest office.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Poliquin as the next Governor of Maine, leading us through the morass of over-spending, over-taxing, (we ain't seen nothin' yet!), robbing Peter to pay Paul and actually performing the role of GOVERNor as opposed to GIVERnor, is indeed what is in need!