Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer vacation

It always seems that summer in Maine is one of the toughest times to get any business done. Possibly it's because the summer season is short, and people tend to book their vacation time during this period of time, but emails have slowed to a dribble (other than the usual informational types), phones calls await return, and appointments are difficult to schedule.

Do you think productivity diminishes during the summer months? Are projects on hold at your firm, and are you finding it difficult to connect with decisionmakers during June, July, and August?

On a positive note, summer, or not, the business surveys that are part of the initial phase of a three-year project that seeks to develop training and employment opportunities in the growing transportation, distribution, and logistics sector or cluster, are nearly complete.

I'll be heading out to survey the manager of the Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport this morning, which will complete my allotment of surveys I've been tasked to do.

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