Thursday, April 10, 2008

Opportunity Maine: Making College More Affordable in Maine

Opportunity Maine is a great new program for Maine students in post-secondary programs of all kinds. Starting in January 2008 students will be eligible to claim a large tax credit to help pay student loans after they graduate. Businesses are also eligible for the tax credit if they agree to pay a student's loan. There are very few restrictions and it is very easy process that you can start on their website. If you choose to work after graduation you must work and pay taxes in Maine. There are no restrictions to stay in Maine if a student decides to pursue graduate school or programs like the Peace Corps or Teach For America.

This initiative, according to the Opportunity Maine website, was only the sixth time in Maine history that a Citizen's Initiative was signed into law. The initiative started has just an idea of a few students and community leaders. Ultimately, through a tremendous grassroots effort the initiative was signed into law. With this initiative on the books it may be a great way to entice businesses to Maine and to continue to develop the workforce that businesses need to be successful. To enroll, just go the website.

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