Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pepsi retains talent

Pepsi is one of the largest 200 corporations in the U.S. Unlike many other companies, Pepsi attracts and retains its talent. This is important at a time when American companies are facing a talent shortage, nationwide.

USA Today spotlighted Pepsi Bottling's CEO, Eric Foss, in yesterday's Executive Suite profile.

Here are six tips for retaining and developing talent that I thought were particularly good:

1) Most people quit because they feel underappreciated. Give talented executives stretch assignments.

2) It's a myth that all fresh ideas come from new hires and that long tenure creates stale thinking.

3) Good bosses are what make good employees. Leadership is about coaching and having a "teachable point of view."

4) Encourage disagreement among executives, but set up rules and make sure no one crosses the line of respect.

5) No development system compensates for a bad hire. When hiring, look for character and the confident look of a leader.

6) Don't worry about those who leave. Focus on those who stay.

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