Monday, April 28, 2008

Saving American Manufacturing

I am attending a summit being hosted by The Manufacturers Association of Maine, being held tonight and tomorrow, at the Ramada Inn, in Lewiston.

Much has been written about the death of manufacturing and about America's loss of its manufacturing core. While statistics show that manufacturing jobs have been lost in many parts of the U.S., I believe that manufacturing is still viable, and in fact, is key to our economic survival, both as a state and for the U.S. to continue to maintain its economic power in the world economy.

Tonight, Michael P. Collins will be speaking on that very topic, in an address titled, "Saving American Manufacturing." Collins is considered a leading spokesperson for small and midsize manufacturers (SMMs) and has authored three books on issues that are germane to manufacturing.

I'm anxious to hear his talk and also, to have an opportunity to network with members of Maine's manufacturing community. I'm sure I'll learn new things about their workforce needs and possibly, about manufacturing's possibilities for Maine and other rural states.

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